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17th May, 2018
05:00 PM
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Award Categories

Award Categories in the ICGU Corporate Governance Awards

Large Private Sector Enterprises (Turnover more than UGX100 billion)
This award seeks to recognize an organization in the country's economy which consists of industries and commercial companies that are not owned or controlled by the government. It excludes banks and insurance companies which are in their own categories. The companies must have a turnover in excess of Ugx. 100 billion annually to be considered.
Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (Turnover less than UGX100 billion)
Public Sector Enterprises (Commissions, Agencies and Parastatals)
Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)
Insurance Companies
Banks and Micro Deposit Institutions (MDIs)

In a nutshell

The ICGU Corporate Governance Awards is a Platform to recognize outstanding Organizations that are at the vanguard of corporate governance excellence.

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